Studio Engagement Session: Pam + Sean

I had Pam and Sean come in studio this week for their engagement session, and they were really fun and so easy to photograph.  It was my first time meeting Sean, and him and I hit it off right from the start.  He does lighting!  I can talk lighting all day!  Anyway, I’m looking forward to their wedding this year, and here are some of the hits.

Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photography in Cornwall

When a family from out of town asks me where to go for a lifestyle shoot, and they’re not looking for anything elaborate, my little hometown of Cornwall NY works great.  The normal hits I go to is the park and the river, and maybe one other spot in between.  We didn’t got to the river because it far too windy, but surrounding area of the pond worked perfectly fine!  Here are just a few from this mini session.  

Waterside New Jersey Wedding: Midian + Lamail

Kicking off the season with a wedding in NJ at The Waterside.  Unfortunately the entire east coast was hit by a major rain storm, but that did not matter to this very cool couple and everyone there as well.  The whole day was full of laughs and a LOT of crying- mostly from Lamail 🙂  We started out at a nearby hotel for prep, and this was our first time at The Waterside.  The staff was very helpful thanks to Shantal running the show, the food was great, and they have the same white tufted benches we have!  The couple even had an artist on site,  painting throughout the ceremony into the reception, which is another first for us.  The rest of the night was nothing but a party!  

Headshots in the Hudson Valley

It’s become quite the norm now where Angela, our make up artist, comes in, we talk shop, tell stories, and have a great time!  And oh yeah, shoot some headshots.  For David, he went with our Business package (two set ups, 4 fully retouched images) but wanted it light hearted and different.  So I did a slightly different set up than I normally do for one of my set up, and edged him up a bit for the other.  He liked, Angela liked it, and so do I!

Monteverde Wedding Album: Jessica and Jeremy

Jessica and Jeremy’s wedding at Monteverde was a perfect day!  From prep, to ceremony, to cocktail hour, to reception- it all took place at this amazing location.  I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a wedding venue.  They went with what I call my Signature album, made by Finao, and it’s a big hit!

Sweet 16 Party at The Darkroom

We’ve hosted quite a few Sweet 16 parties at the studio, but holy crap none of them like this!  If you know Cornwall, you should know Fiddlestix Cafe on Main St.  It’s a great place, and has amazing food and specials.  The owners’ daughter turned 16 this month, and she HAD to have the party at our studio we call The Darkroom.  The furniture is moved to the back so the kids can dance under the disco ball where the music is the loudest, and boy did they dance!  They also backflipped, cartwheeled, and backflipped again.  It was nuts!  They had the microphone in hand as if they were on stage, it really was a great time.  And a great mess to follow….  Here are the hits!

The Grandview Wedding Album: Brianne and John

Even though this great couple has had their wedding album from The Grandview a while now, I just wanted to stare it!  We all agreed that  for their main album, the embossed pattern on the dark brown leather would be perfect along with the close up of their rings.  Their parent copies have a suede like material, all produced by the awesome people over at Finao!   If you’re interested to see their wedding blog, it’s here.

Hudson Valley Headshots

Just another update for the blog for the headshots I do here in studio.  Of course we do family portraits, a little product photography, but outside of weddings, I have to say that headshots is my studio specialty.  I have a look that I have been fine tuning for years now, and still do.  It’s perfect for any headshot needs: acting, modeling, business, corporate, social media, and even on line dating.  I have a make up artist on staff now, and packages that cover all bases.  Feel free to contact the studio for more info.  Thanks for checking this out!

Anthony’s Pier 9 Wedding Photography: Naharika and Yash

If you’re thinking about a winter wedding, but all the venues are just not winter friendly, check out Anthony’s Pier 9.  They have a garden room where the weather is always nice, and worked out great last week, when the wind was just too much to do anything outside.  Naharika and Yash were married in India the week before, and decided to have a reception back home where he grew up for his family.  No, we did not shoot the Indian wedding 🙁  That’s definitely on our list though!  Here are the hits from this day, and props to JFP’s newest member Taylor shooting video!  

Studio Engagement Session

How cute is this couple?!  We have their wedding coming up at a new place for us at Wadsworth Mansion in CT.  We very excited, the place looks amazing- and with couple and the way they are, it’s going to be a great day.  

Corporate Headshots: Sportsplex II

For years now I’ve been shooting headshots for the instructors at the amazing fitness complex Sportsplex in New Windsor.  They have it all: free weights, machines, yoga, spinning, tennis, camp, and awesome cafe with some of the best food around, and best of all a pool open year round.  I’ve been a member for over 10 years now, and I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else.  Here are some recent pics, and click here to view some of the ones in the past.  Thanks!

Blue Hill Wedding Album: Ashlea and Zach

I’ve been meaning to post this wedding album from the amazing location Blue Hill at Stone Barn, so here goes!  I was not present at this wedding, my fiancé Natalie shot this awesome wedding!  I was very sad I couldn’t make it… I’ve know Ashlea for years, but I’m glad I was a part of the wedding and had the opportunity to design her wedding album.  Props to Finao of course who always do an amazing job, and here is their wedding blog as well.  

Destination Wedding Leather Album: Cancun, Mexico

Just about a year ago Natalie and I had yet another opportunity to travel to Mexico for the very small wedding of Emily and Candace.  It was so great!!!  If you’re interested, I highly recommend viewing that blog here.  We played around with off camera flash, creating a sunset with no sun, and just played around with ideas.  So for this small wedding, which was really just the four of us, Emily and Candace wanted to do a small album with just the hits.  I suggested the very cool leather portfolio album we carry that is perfect for this!  It has a rustic feel, thick paper, ripped edges, and it all ties together with leather binding.

Musician Headshots: Boom Boom Shake

I had another shoot with Elizabeth and Shane Chikeles of Boom Boom Shake and it’s always great having them in!  Fun, colorful, laid back, and these two are just the best in front of the camera.  Here are some of the hits!

Musician Headshots: Dean Scala

I really hope you all have heard of Dean Scala, who is one of the best musicians around.  We’ve known each other for about 15 years now, and first met when I was in a band and I’ve admired his work ever since. His last photo shoot was 10 years ago when I was at my first studio… we was way overdue.  If you would like to follow him, his facebook link is here, and thanks to Courtney Daly for helping out with Dean’s quite extensive wardrobe changes, and holding a light for me!  🙂