Monteverde Wedding Album: Jessica and Jeremy

Jessica and Jeremy’s wedding at Monteverde was a perfect day!  From prep, to ceremony, to cocktail hour, to reception- it all took place at this amazing location.  I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a wedding venue.  They went with what I call my Signature album, made by Finao, and it’s a big hit!

The Grandview Wedding Album: Brianne and John

Even though this great couple has had their wedding album from The Grandview a while now, I just wanted to stare it!  We all agreed that  for their main album, the embossed pattern on the dark brown leather would be perfect along with the close up of their rings.  Their parent copies have a suede like material, all produced by the awesome people over at Finao!   If you’re interested to see their wedding blog, it’s here.

Blue Hill Wedding Album: Ashlea and Zach

I’ve been meaning to post this wedding album from the amazing location Blue Hill at Stone Barn, so here goes!  I was not present at this wedding, my fiancé Natalie shot this awesome wedding!  I was very sad I couldn’t make it… I’ve know Ashlea for years, but I’m glad I was a part of the wedding and had the opportunity to design her wedding album.  Props to Finao of course who always do an amazing job, and here is their wedding blog as well.  

Destination Wedding Leather Album: Cancun, Mexico

Just about a year ago Natalie and I had yet another opportunity to travel to Mexico for the very small wedding of Emily and Candace.  It was so great!!!  If you’re interested, I highly recommend viewing that blog here.  We played around with off camera flash, creating a sunset with no sun, and just played around with ideas.  So for this small wedding, which was really just the four of us, Emily and Candace wanted to do a small album with just the hits.  I suggested the very cool leather portfolio album we carry that is perfect for this!  It has a rustic feel, thick paper, ripped edges, and it all ties together with leather binding.

Tappan Hill at Abigale Kirsch Wedding Album

We met Emily and Matt at Tappan Hill the day of their wedding, and instantly we knew it was going to be a just one of those wedding days where everything falls into place.  We finally decided to make an album just for the studio from their wedding to highlight our favorite pics.  Sporting authentic German Hahnemule paper, and a plexi cover, this book will invite you in from across the room- impeccably made by the one and only Finao, right here in New York!  We’re very proud to be one of their clients. 

New York City Leather Portfolio Wedding Album

When this album was introduced, I said to Natalie “we have to have one!”  So, we made a book from the awesome wedding that was Jen and Mars at The Ritz Carlton at Battery Park.  It’s a soft leather with very thick pages that are sewn into the binding.  It’s very classic, with a rustic feel.   It’s a perfect way to show off your favorite images from any session we do!

Tappan Hill Wedding Hill Album at Abigale Kirsch

Yet another album I wanted to share from a my second wedding with this awesome family with an amazing couple, who got married at Tappan Hill in Tarrytown. Album made here in the USA by the inimitable people at Finao who are absolutely the best!  Enjoy!

Green Tree Wedding Album

Just wanted to share this album from a very slick couple who got married at Green Tree County Club.   Album made here in the USA by the inimitable people at Finao who are absolutely the best!  Enjoy!

Hudson Valley Wedding Album: The Links at Union Vale

Just wanted to share this album from a GREAT super cute couple who got married at The Links in Union Vale.  Album made here in the USA by the inimitable people at Finao who are absolutely the best!  Enjoy! links

The Garrison Wedding Album: Nora and Ralph

Nora and Ralph’s wedding at The Garrison was such a hit!  I’m so happy for these two, it was day of laughs, good food, great dancing, and is now all wrapped up in one of the finest albums made on Earth.  If anyone is reading this who’s a professional photographer and is NOT using Finao, I highly suggest giving them a try.  Everything is made in the US, customer service is best there is, and they have the coolest cover materials around.  This album also has genuine German Hahnemuhle paper, which is something you just have to feel to appreciate.  

The Bronx Zoo Wedding Album

I can’t wait for the next wedding at The Bronx Zoo!  I don’t have any lined up yet, but I hope it happens soon.  What an awesome location!!!  Natalie and I want to thank Candice and Jon for allowing us to capture their wedding.  We had the pleasure working with our good friends Heidi and Jeff at I Do Movies as well, and we couldn’t ask for a better day!  These albums were crafted by Finao with genuine Hahnemuhle paper, which is something you just have to feel to appreciate. 

Highlands Country Club Wedding Album

If anyone is thinking about a wedding at Highlands Country Club, don’t hesitate!  It’s so nice there!  I made this album for them and I hated to see it go… but it’s in better hands with Danielle at HCC!   This album is one of th best made by Finao with genuine Hahnemuhle paper.  It’s feels and looks so good!  

Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Album: Lauren and Mike

Hot off the press is a wedding album from Glen Island Harbour– designed my yours truly, and printed by Finao.  It also has one of my favorite looks: black pattern leather with a b&w cover photo.  Lauren and Mike’s album is so nice when it’s in your hands, I just may not even give it to them… 🙂

The Venetian Wedding Albums

Double shot of Venetian wedding albums!  I never had two albums come in from two different weddings from the same place…  The best is that both albums by Finao have my two favorites covers: metallic canvas and the magical mystery glass.  So cool!!!  Kacie and Danny, as well as Tiz and Brian will be very happy… Also, we had the pleasure to be accompanied by Heidi and Jeff from I Do Movies for both weddings! 

Jericho Terrace Wedding Photography: Jaclyn and Chris

It’s here!  This wedding album by Finao (of course) is REALLY nice: hi gloss canvas cover, with one of our favorite leathers around the spine and back.  Jaclyn and Chris’s wedding at Jericho Terrace we simply a great day!  We’re so glad to have been there and capture it.

Villa Barone Wedding Album: Jenna and Pat

For anyone reading this and attended Jenna and Pat’s wedding at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor– you remember the party!  She’s the only bride I can remember who danced her way down the aisle.  The entire day was a non stop party- it was great! Life gets in the way sometimes, and albums get on the back burner, but at least now they have a wedding album!  Shout out to my album crew Finao for another perfect book. 

Falkirk Wedding Album: Katie and Ryan

You’re looking JFP’s biggest wedding album order yet!: one 14×14 heavy weight album with metallic canvas cover and gold pattern spine, along with 3 mini duplicates (not show, because this album is so big).  Katie and Ryan’s wedding at Falkirk was a blast, and now they have the final product to show it off… So proud of these two keeping things on time.  BIG shout out to Finao Albums who never let me down- they are the best, and all made here in NY State!