Mohonk Proposal Photos: Dan + Ruthie

Future groom:  “Hey Jimi, I’d like to have you photograph the proposal to my girlfriend on the highest point at Mohonk Mountain House in the dead of winter…”  Me: “Um, I’m sorry- what?”  Just kidding…  Of course I said yes, and even though I’m not really a hiker nor am I a big fan of snow related activities, I do like a challenge- and that it was. The plan was to meet them in the ski house to do my normal incognito photographer thing, get snow shoes, then head up the mountain to a spot that is sentimental to the couple.  However, when I found out the hike was almost an hour (far different from the 10 minute hike Dan originally stated), I definitely sported that surprise emoji face.  None of us had that much time, nor prepared for over 2 hours of hiking.  So, we improvised on the fly- and worked out very well!  Perhaps even better than planned.  Because now, whenever Dan and Ruthie go back to Mohonk, it will be an easy walk to where they got engaged. I certainly hope in time I can share with you their engagement photos, and then wedding photos- I’d be […]

Studio Engagement Session: Pam + Sean

I had Pam and Sean come in studio this week for their engagement session, and they were really fun and so easy to photograph.  It was my first time meeting Sean, and him and I hit it off right from the start.  He does lighting!  I can talk lighting all day!  Anyway, I’m looking forward to their wedding this year, and here are some of the hits.

Studio Engagement Session

How cute is this couple?!  We have their wedding coming up at a new place for us at Wadsworth Mansion in CT.  We very excited, the place looks amazing- and with couple and the way they are, it’s going to be a great day.  

Benmarl Winery Engagement and Proposal: Ashely and Anthony

My friend Tania from The Little Wine Bus asked me if I was interested in shooting a proposal to one of her regular customers at the very awesome Benmarl Winery, and of course I said yes!  Proposals are so exciting!  Tania and Anthony had it all planned out: both sets of parents were there ahead of time to surprise them and be a part of the proposal, and I think everyone on the bus knew as well.  However, Ashely had NO idea, and it all went down better than expected.  The weather could absolutely perfect- mid 60’s and sunny.  In fact, it snowed the next day and was 40 degrees at best and cold since- definitely a sign… Congrats to this very sweet couple and I hope I get to shoot the wedding!

Dominican Republic Engagement Session: Punta Cana

What’s better than an engagement shoot on the beach in the Caribbean at sunrise?  Absolutely nothing!!  Melissa and Elias brought us to Dominican Republic at the Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana for their destination wedding, and we have been looking forward to this trip since we all discussed it last year.  We had originally wanted to do a sunset engagement shoot, but Elias realized that the sun set behind our resort.  Plan B?  Sunrise!!  It was a first for both Natalie and I, and man did it work out great!!  I must say, that sun rises QUICK, you have far less time with that magical light then you do with a sunset.  We were in go mode, and barley talked.  This is just part one of two blogs from this wedding, so stay tuned!    

West Point Couple Session: Tenille and Christian

I can’t say engagement session, because these two very sweet people are not engaged (yet).  Notice how I threw that in there…  Well, on this shoot, our little minion Kathleen came along for the hell of it to shoot some behind the scenes of me in action!  Looking back I would have NOT worn my dorky sneakers, but I can climb and walk around easier.  Overall, she did a great job, and I thought I would add them to this blog!   

Mohonk Engagement Session: Kerry and Ryan

I know I’ve posted a lot recently from Mohonk Mountain House, with engagements, weddings, proposals, and another wedding this coming weekend in fact… but who doesn’t love Mohonk?!  Seriously, it’s so nice there, anytime of year!  For Kerry and Ryan, my first time meeting them, it turned out to be perfect weather.  She had her hair done at the salon there, then met just me that day for their engagement session.  Outside of coming across a few rather large snakes, it was a smooth shoot… I did have to pick one of them up an move him to some grass.  I don’t mind snakes!  

Mohonk Engagement and Proposal: Justin and Michelle

I really love shooting a proposal, and especially at Mohonk– everyone is on edge, nervous, and you only get once chance at this!  Justin contacted me a while ago, and I suggested my standard practice for a proposal,  “I’ll approach you saying that I’m shooting for Mohonk and I need a couple in the distance in a few shots- you’re face won’t be show, so no need for a release”  Of course they’ll agree, we find a spot, I set them up, and BOOM!  Proposal in progress!  It worked out great, however Justin could have given me more than 3 seconds before he went down on one knee!  We were all very grateful we had a quiet day…  

West Point Engagement Session: Salli and Shane

I can’t remember seeing Trophy Point at West Point so empty on such a beautiful day!  Salli and Steve really lucked out- no one was there for their engagement session, which was great for us!  Earlier that day, they got engaged!  Shane attended Salli’s graduation and asked her right up on the stage, a couple hours before our shoot- that he arranged two months prior with me.  He knew…  I love this couple, and hopefully we’ll be considered to shoot their wedding in Chicago when it happens- hint hint.  🙂

Mohonk Engagement Photography: Winter Style with Holly and Mike

Even thought the weather was just ehhhh at best, Holly and Mike wanted nothing more than to do an engagement shoot at Mohonk Mountain House!  Here are some of my favorites from yesterday’s shoot.

Rustic Engagement Session, Family Farm: Michelle and Jared

This engagement session at Jared’s family farm was the first time I was able to play with external flash during daylight hours.  I know it’s done all the time, but I just never had the chance.  So, my minion Kathleen and I headed to Granite Springs NY and experimented- as you can see from the last behind the scenes photo as we tried to fake sunlight… I’d say we did pretty good!  The previous photo has zero photoshop, and looks just like the sun.  Natalie and I will be shooting their wedding next year in CT, and we can’t wait!  

NYC Engagement Session: Jessie and Chris

A Manhattan photo shoot is NEVER boring- so many great elements for a photographer.  Jessie and Chris did a studio session with me, and later decided to take advantage of our NYC Engagement Shoot special.  We started out meeting at Rubirosa for some pizza (said to be the best in NYC, but… eh… I’ve had better, and certainly made better pizza), then walked around a bit, then off to Brooklyn!  Their wedding at Mohonk is coming up soon!

Mohonk Engagement Photography: Kristel and Mickey

What and amazing day at Mohonk for and engagement session!  …and for the brides to be that are reading this, please remember that photographers need TIME to get all the hits.  This engagement shoot with Kristel and Mickey is a perfect example.  No one was rushed, and we went all over- far more than this blog even shows.  The pics below were taken in exactly an hour, and there are well over 200 more for this awesome couple.  I must say though that this past Sunday was a perfect day: overcast, then sunny, and no humidity.  The flowers were at full bloom and it was perhaps the best I’ve ever seen Mohonk.  Their wedding will take place  a year from now, and Natalie and I can’t wait!!!

Nyack Engagement Photography: Jessica and Ryan

After juggling some dates back and forth, we all finally found the day to do an engagement session in Nyack where Jessica grew up.  Their wedding is later this year at Seasons Catering Hall in NJ.  Enjoy!