Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photography in Cornwall

When a family from out of town asks me where to go for a lifestyle shoot, and they’re not looking for anything elaborate, my little hometown of Cornwall NY works great.  The normal hits I go to is the park and the river, and maybe one other spot in between.  We didn’t got to the river because it far too windy, but surrounding area of the pond worked perfectly fine!  Here are just a few from this mini session.  

West Point Lifestyle Photography: The Haiths

Well, very sad to say goodbye to one of my oldest clients- Matt and Krista Haith.  I photographed their wedding 11 years ago this month at West Point, did an engagement shoot with them the previous year, and since then quite a few lifestyle sessions like this one in NYC, and a few others around Cornwall.  She contacted me in April to do this, but with our schedules and the weather, we ended up doing it not even  a week before they move, and the daylight could NOT have been better… some of my favorites lifestyle photos ever are from this session. I’m sure I’ll see you two again though!!!  Love you guys!!!!

West Point Lifestyle Session: The Deckers

On the move again are the Deckers from West Point onto a new town for a few years- story of a military family.  I’m very grateful they contacted me for this lifestyle session just before their move.  They’re so much fun, easy going, even with their crazy little boy.

Hudson Valley Newborn Lifestyle Session

In case anyone did not see my last blog about what to prepare for a newborn shoot, here it is.  Teresa home could not be more perfect for this shoot.  They had big bare walls, large windows, and a perfect little baby!!!   Here’s my favorites from the shoot:

Newborn Lifestyle Session: 10 Things You Should Know

I had the pleasure of capturing Chase and Patrice’s first child last week.  The shoot went very well, and mostly because everyone was prepared.  People ask us “What should we do before you come over?”  Natalie put this list together which sums up what to prepare for a newborn session: 1.  Baby’s first photo shoot should be done within the first 7 days of birth. In that time frame, baby is sleepy and it is easier to form them in those cute little poses.  After 7 days, infants learn to stretch, and tend to not stay put as much. Also, most of the time 8-14 days is when baby acne can set in.  2.  The time of day is best either late morning or mid afternoon. This is the best time of day for available light, which is what we prefer to shoot with.  It gives that soft, bright, natural feeling light.  3.  You should expect the shoot about 2 hours, give or take.  This all depends on baby’s mood, and how often we may have to stop for feedings and changings, ect.  Don’t worry if baby is acting up or won’t sleep- it’s not your fault, and we’re totally used to it!  4. […]

Manhattan Lifestyle Session: NYC Rooftop

I’m always up for a NYC lifestyle session… Almost 10 years ago I shot Krista and Matt’s wedding at West Point.  It was a great day- so much fun!  Over the years they’ve asked me to shoot a few lifestyle sessions, but this location was very unique:  an apartment they rented out for all the family, right on Stone St downtown Manhattan.  Here’s some highlights:

West Point Lifestyle Photography: Matt and Kelby

Has anyone heard of the “Gingerbread” house at West Point?  Well, this family resides there now, and it’s really cool!  Just a little lifestyle session with a great couple: 

The First Year… A Maternity, a Lifestyle, and a Baby Session.

Complete!  All we need to do now is make an album from what we call “The First Year”- a collection of photographs from a studio maternity shoot, a location lifestyle, and back for a studio baby session.  Here are the highlights from all 3 shoot from one of my best clients.  I’ve photographed Alissa and Nick from engagement to wedding to baby…

Baby LifeStyle Session: The Thorpe Family

Perhaps the cutest and most festive baby I’ve ever photographed!!!!  I’ve know Rich and Sue Thorpe for a long time and photographed them quite a bit, and I’m so glad this infant session worked out as planned!  Sorry for all the similar pics of the santa hat, but she is so cute, I couldn’t narrow them down anymore!  I give Natalie the credit for retouching and processing 🙂

Hudson Valley Lifestyle Photography: Alissa and Nick

This shoot is part two of JFP’s “First Chapter Book”- a series of  images custom designed in a hard cover album from three photo shoots spanning a year: a studio maternity shoot, a lifestyle infant shoot, and a studio baby shoot.  Stay tuned for part 3 soon!

San Francisco Lifestyle Session

I know this shoot was a couple years ago, but being that I see Chris and his family on FB quite often, I figure I’d post some pics.  He originally found me on line, and was about to fly me out for a shoot, which is extremely flattering for even the idea of that, but then an old friend of mine was getting married, hired me, and while Nat and I were there for the wedding- we did this lifestyle shoot on a VERY cold day…

Manhattan’s 40/40 Club Birthday Party

I had the honor of photographing Dianne Sherman’s 39th birthday party at Jay Z’s awesome 40/40 club in NYC.  The place is so cool: the main bar, the private room, the food, and of course the champagne.  Everyone there had a such great time… The Shermans know how to party!  Here are a few of the highlights from the night.