Waterside New Jersey Wedding: Midian + Lamail

Kicking off the season with a wedding in NJ at The Waterside.  Unfortunately the entire east coast was hit by a major rain storm, but that did not matter to this very cool couple and everyone there as well.  The whole day was full of laughs and a LOT of crying- mostly from Lamail 🙂  We started out at a nearby hotel for prep, and this was our first time at The Waterside.  The staff was very helpful thanks to Shantal running the show, the food was great, and they have the same white tufted benches we have!  The couple even had an artist on site,  painting throughout the ceremony into the reception, which is another first for us.  The rest of the night was nothing but a party!  

Anthony’s Pier 9 Wedding Photography: Naharika and Yash

If you’re thinking about a winter wedding, but all the venues are just not winter friendly, check out Anthony’s Pier 9.  They have a garden room where the weather is always nice, and worked out great last week, when the wind was just too much to do anything outside.  Naharika and Yash were married in India the week before, and decided to have a reception back home where he grew up for his family.  No, we did not shoot the Indian wedding 🙁  That’s definitely on our list though!  Here are the hits from this day, and props to JFP’s newest member Taylor shooting video!  


Natalie and I had yet another great year here at J.Ferrara Photography Inc: the two of us got engaged on an epic scale; we traveled back to Mexico for a small intimate ceremony; we were lucky enough to go to the Dominican Republic for a sunrise shoot and wedding; got to hang out with some awesome Brooklynites upstate for a weekend; got to see my Adirondack gang once again for yet another monumental wedding; and revisited our local favorites venues.  Of course, along the way, we met a lot of great couples that we’ve become good friends with. Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  Thanks to Kathleen, Justin, Courtney, Valentina, and Laura for helping us out here and there, and of course every couple that we photographed.  We love you all!!! When people sarcastically say “living the dream” when they refer to their job, we both really mean it… enjoy!

Callwell House Wedding Photography: Sanjean and Chris

I was lucky enough to be back again to the very intimate Caldwell House for a low key wedding, this past Thursday.  It’s an amazing bed and breakfast that can host small parties and weddings of course.  I did not meet Sanjean or Chris beforehand, but I totally felt like part of their family the second I walked in.  Chris’ dad was the pastor, his uncle shot some video, and the only other guests were the moms.  After a little preparation, the ceremony took place in one of the main rooms, where we also did some portraits.  We all walked around the grounds a bit, then headed to the trestle- which is very popular in this area, and is always a good location.  Thanks for having me there!

Rockleigh Country Club Wedding Photography: Alex and Trip

Winding down the season could not have been better with this awesome fun couple and their wedding at the amazing Rockleigh Country Club.  The day started out at her parent’s house with Christmas everywhere, and the girls doing nothing but hanging out in robes drinking champagne- the way it should be!  After prep, we all headed to their local church where you can feel the excitement in the air.  Post ceremony, we set up camp at The Rockleigh for portraits, and had a lot of  fun with the bridal party and the couple.  It was cold out, so pretty much everything had to take place inside.   The reception was so much fun, that even included a mannequin challenge!  Shout to the highly energetic Joe from Pure Events for keeping the party going all night!

Hollow Brook Wedding Photography: Christina and Mike

Natalie and I were back at incredible Hollow Brook Country Club to photograph Christina and Mike’s wedding.  Although it was a bit chilly, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.  Their ceremony was inside, which was a first for us, and as usual, the venue and food was just fantastic.  A few months ago I shot their engagement session at the studio, and I knew this couple was going to be very fun- and they were nothing less than that on their wedding day! During a dance set of their reception, Anthony from Platinum Entertainment had them get up on chairs and crowd-surf!  This was a definite first for us, and although it seemed like a crazy idea, Christina and Mike dove into the crowd and it was a moment that I’m sure no one will forget.  Congrats to the newlyweds, and thank you for having us capture your big day!!

Arrow Park Wedding Photography: Erica and Rob

Just 2 weeks ago we were at the amazing wedding venue known as Arrow Park Lake and Lodge, and like I said then: it’s perhaps the best kept secret in the area for intimate weddings where you can stay overnight with guests.  We love going there!  When they came in for their engagement shoot, I knew this Arrow Park was going to be perfect for them, despite the rain and clouds.  Erica radiates the room wherever she goes and Rob cracks them all up.  Their that funny quirky couple that everyone loves.  However, don’t give him a bow tie to tie himself….  Thanks to my awesome assistant Justin for helping me out and grabbing some great pics as well!

The Grandview Wedding Photography: Sarah and Jesse

There was a LOT of people anxiously awaiting Sarah and Jesse’s wedding at Hudson Valley’s infamous The Grandview who hail from the infamous Max’s on Main in Beacon where Jesse manages, and Natalie (my fiancé now!) tends bar a couple days a week.  We all had such a great day- and the weather could not have been better.  We had so many hits to stop at: bride’s parents house and the Poughkeepsie Grand hotel for prep, then the Grandview for first look, then Vanderbilt Mansion, then the Poughkeepsie Train Station for portraits, then back to the Grandview for ceremony and reception.  Everyone was on time, attentive, and we all made it happen- well mostly Natalie, who was the main photographer for this wedding, so I can’t take credit for all of these photos. Here is her blog, and below are my favorites from this epic wedding!  We worked with Preston Films for the first time, and they were a pleasure to work with!  Looking forward to seeing a trailer from them…

Mohonk Wedding Photography: Brynn and Jeff

I know we post a lot of weddings at Mohonk, but we are there a lot and are very grateful for that.  I did not meet Brynn until her wedding day, and immediately she made me feel like we were friends and knew each other for years.  That fun, laid back attitude set the mood for the rest of the day!  Her and her family have been coming to Mohonk for generations- even though they do not live in the area.  Her wedding had to take place there, and I’m so glad the weather was perfect. We did not do a first look, which ended up leaving plenty of time for portraits of just Brynn.  After ceremony and some family photos, we still had a lot of time to walk around and capture most of the great locations.  Here’s how cool Brynn and Jeff were: the DJ was going to be over 2 hours late (he went to the wrong venue) and when we all told her that some of the guests (and myself) were going to play music through the house PA and the minister was acting as the MC, she was like, “Ok, that’s cool!”  What a great attitude to have on your […]

Arrow Park Lodge Wedding Photography: Jen and Matt

Back again at the amazing wedding venue known as Arrow Park Lake and Lodge  It’s perhaps the best kept secret in the area for intimate weddings where you can stay overnight with guests.  We love going there, and we’ll be back in a few weeks!  Congrats to Jen and Matt, and thank you for being so laid back and relaxed.

Caldwell House Wedding Photography: Jenny and Janine

For anyone in the Hudson Valley who is planning a very small intimate wedding, can I please suggest you visit the Caldwell House.  It’s an amazing bed and breakfast that can host small weddings.  They have private rooms, excellent food, great grounds, and the whole place can be all yours if you want.  All the guests stayed the night before and the night of, and their plans after the wedding was to simply hang out at the house all night.  What a great way to end the day!  I’m so happy for Jenny and Janine, they are always fun to be around and light up the room wherever they go.  Here are my favorites!

FEAST at Round Hill House Wedding Photography: Lydia and Boris

Once again, we are very happy to photograph another wedding at FEAST Caterers at Round Hill House.  There really is just SO many photographic opportunities there…  Lydia preparation took place in their room upstair and the whole time she was laughing, having fun, sipping champagne- just everything she should be doing.  After a first look with her dad, off to the church and then back to Round Hill for the cocktail hour and reception.  Overall, a great day!  Here are the hits!  

The Farm at Pond Lily Wedding Photography: Rachel and Josh

Rachel and Josh’s wedding at The Farm at Pond Lily, in Elizaville NY was nothing less than an amazing day!   They had so much SO much going on, and it all ran totally smooth thanks to the great job from Cathy and her team at Cathy’s Elegant Events.  From all the pre planning, schedule, day of coordination, they made this wedding fun and relaxed for everyone.  When I first met this super cute couple for their studio engagement session, I was hoping for perfect weather and no hurdles to overcome, and it was exactly that.  We seriously cannot thank Cathy enough for making a very jammed packed day run like clockwork, which results in us doing our job better, which then results in great photos for the couple.  Here are some of our favorites!

The Woods Inn Wedding in the Adirondacks Photography: Kate and Teddy

What a wedding at The Woods Inn, in Inlet NY!  I’ve been a part of this family for 11 years now, and it saddens me to have no other sibling’s wedding on the horizon to photograph.  Kate and Teddy’s wedding day had to be far better than expected because everyone there had an amazing time.  We started with a first look, a very chill ceremony in which the bridal party arrived in separate boats, an excellent cocktail hour, and the reception was nothing but dancing (and a lot of sweat) all night long.  The band from Nik Entertainment kicked serious ass and was one of the best bands we’ve ever seen at a wedding!  Thank you once again to the Gowan and Clarke family- I’m sure we’ll cross paths again!  

West Hills Country Club Wedding Photography: Analise and Phil

Welcome to Analise and Phil’s AWESOME wedding at West Hills Country Club!  These two are so perfect together, and they could not have had a better day.  Preparation began at a local hotel for the men, and the girls at the very sweet suite at West Hills.  Ceremony was right outside- please take advantage of that people, no need to go anywhere else.  From there, the rest of the day was nothing but laughs, cries, smiles, and an amazing party to finish the night.  Congrats to this happy couple!