The Grandview Wedding Photos: Rita + Alex

Rita and Alex’s wedding at The Grandview was nothing short of one amazing day!  When we met the bride and her mom in studio a while ago, we knew that this wedding was going to stand out- and did it ever.  Rita was relaxed, had fun, couldn’t care less about the rain that threw us for a loop, and was one big smile.  It goes to show you how much the attitude of the bride sets the tone of the day.  Just as we pulled  up to FDR the rain started.  We were only there minutes, then headed to the Poughkeepsie train station (3rd time this year so far there) and waited out the storm.  From there, headed to the Grandview ballroom where the rest of the night was great live music by Sound Image Entertainment who kept everyone on their feet.  When I talked to Rita today, she’s exhausted from their honeymoon in Barcelona, and could not wait to see these pics… So, here you go, and for every future bride out there, remember to just let the day unfold!

Mohonk Mountain House Wedding Photos: Morgan + Max

We had an absolutely gorgeous day at Mohonk Mountain House for Morgan and Max’s wedding.  They are so laid back and fun together- they were one of the easiest couples we’ve ever photographed.  Their ceremony was in the garden, and the reception was in the pavilion, which was a nice change!  It’s completely private from the main house, all open, and has a vibe unlike any other location.  We just love shooting at Mohonk, we’ve been there countless times, and it is always good to be back there.  Congrats to this very sweet couple!

Wedding Photography for Red Maple Vineyard: Megan + Damian

Red Maple Vineyard is such a great location for a wedding!  We’ve been there quite a few times, and look forward to going every time.  The grounds are beautiful, and the building and tent are great, especially with the trees and string lights in the tent.  We started off at a hotel in Poughkeepsie for prep, and then headed over to the venue for everything else.  The weather wasn’t looking too good, but that didn’t dampen Megan or Damian’s moods!  Megan had an emotional first look with her dad, which was very sweet.  After a little shower earlier in the day, the rain held off and we got to do the ceremony on the hill, which is epic up there.  The party was rockin’ all night thanks to The Ronald Reagans.  Natalie had an idea to take the couple out at night in the vineyard and nailed that shot!  Congrats to the happy couple, and thanks for having us be a part of your day!

Grandview Wedding Photography: Alicia + George

We say this all the time- The Grandview is like home to us, even though there are far more venues closer to our home and studio, but it’s just one of those great locations for any wedding that consistently provides premium service to everyone involved in the wedding- especially the bride and groom.  The day started at their parents’ friend’s house, which was amazing.  We ended up doing the first look there because of the backyard being so nice.  Alicia’s makeup was done by Nina from Hello Gorgeous, and her purple eyeshadow really popped!  From there we shot over to the Poughkeepsie Train Station for some more portraits and some group shots.  Then to The Grandview for an outdoor patio ceremony, and the weather was perfect.  Alicia and George were so sweet at the alter, and by being themselves, it set the mood for the rest of the night.  Natalie helped dress Alicia, which is not a first, but George fed Jimi cake, which absolutely WAS a first!!  Props to the guys at Vargas Productions for keeping the party going, and congrats to this great couple!  

Destination Wedding Photography in Aruba: Liz + Shane

It was 5 years ago when Natalie and I went to Aruba at the Stellaris Resort for Liz and Shane’s destination wedding.  We were so excited to go, and the whole trip was amazing!  The night before started out at the infamous Papiamento restaurant where the family opened gifts, gave some toasts, and indulged in really good food.  The wedding day started off very relaxed with everyone in a great mood, followed by ceremony on the beach, and perfect weather for the reception.  You couldn’t ask for better weather.  After the party, we convinced the remaining guests and bridal party to do a  jump in the pool- fully clothed.  One of the best things about this trip was that we met Liz’s sister Melissa.  Her and her fiancé Elias took us to the Dominican Republic last year for their destination wedding, where we also photographed a sunrise shoot for the first time.  Happy 5 year anniversary! est

Newburgh Waterfront Wedding at Blu Pointe: Lorraine + Tyler

Weddings come in all sizes, and this is a perfect example of a small wedding with big results.  I’ve know Lorraine for a few years now, and when she called me about her wedding she didn’t think I would be interested, but of course I was- I love all weddings, all sizes!  The preparation started perhaps 1/8 mile from my home, and the church was not only closer but the one I grew up in, and where I walked to grammar school.  Lots of great memories there… Anyway, we all headed over the awesome Blu Pointe restaurant by the Newburgh Waterfront, which is so cool: lots of restaurants, great views, boat rides- you can be there all day.  It was a great day, and I certainly hope to return to Blu Pointe for another wedding.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photography: Gina + Adam

Natalie and I were back again at Anthony’s Pier 9 for a Gina and Adam’s wedding, and what a sweet couple!  We started the day with plenty of time for preparation for both the boys and girls, which is always good.  Gina was beside herself with excitement and just couldn’t wait to get that dress on and start her wedding.  We did first look at Plum Point, just across the street from the venue, and the weather was perfect.  Back at Pier 9, the ceremony was very emotional with personal readings.  They asked all the guests to be unplugged (no cameras, no phones) which of course we love, mostly because our images will show faces, not backs of phones.  Afterwards we wrapped up the formals with family photos, and off to the reception where Vargas Productions kept the party going to the very end.  Overall, one great wedding! s

Mohonk Wedding Photography: David + Gustavo

Well, it was 5 years ago this week that Natalie and I had the fantastic wedding of David and Gustavo at Mohonk Mountain House.  We stayed overnight the day before so Natalie could cover the rehearsal party, while I was off shooting another wedding there.  I remember the wedding day vividly, and how much fun the whole weekend was.  David surprised Gustavo and all their guests by flying in Pentatonix to perform a few songs, and I don’t know if we’ve seen anything more cool at a wedding!  If you’re thinking, “I know that name from somewhere…” they are the leaders in the A Cappella band genre.  Their performance was nothing short of amazing.  The rest of the night was more fun, dancing, and perhaps the best wedding any of the guests attended.

Locust Grove Wedding Photography: Ashley + Tristian

Ashley and Tristian are such a sweet, laid back couple!  Their wedding at Locust Grove was nothing less than a perfect day: weather was great, the guest were friendly, and Ken at LG was extremely helpful.  We do love shooting there, they have so many elements we can work with.  The day started with a little prep, then right into a first look, some portraits, and a little break before ceremony.  Major props to Lisa Zaro who is a fantastic officiant and naturally commands everyone’s attention.  After ceremony, the rest of the day was fun and laughs.  Tristian is in love with old VW buses, and his bride surprised him with an awesome mini one that is actually a Photo Booth!!  Here are some of the hits!

Poughkeepsie Grand Wedding Photography: Chelsea + Kevin

It’s been while since we photographed a wedding at The Poughkeepsie Grand, and we missed it!  Despite being cold and rainy, Chelsea and Kevin’s day was awesome.  Natalie took the reigns on being the lead photographer on this wedding, which meant I came along as her you know what ?  Her makeup was done by the amazing Karen from LaV Beauty (her and I go way back) and from what I understand, those are Chelsea’s real lashes.  They rest of the day was all planned out for me to go to the guys, then meet at the Poughkeepsie train station were I met our videographer Taylor, and Natalie with the girls.  From there, a first look took place and all of the portraits.  We had DJ Bri Swatek there keeping everyone on their toes and having a lot of fun, and if you were lucky enough to be a guest at this wedding, you certainly remember all the great speeches.  Thank you so much to Chelsea and Kevin for having us there to capture your day, and we’ll have video to post soon!

Hudson Valley Wedding Photography: Stagecoach Inn

For anyone in the Hudson Valley area, I highly recommend the Stagecoach Inn for lunch or dinner.  They have amazing food, a really cool little bar, excellent decor, and once you walk in the front door, you don’t want to leave.  This was the perfect setting for this mini wedding with just 9 people- 10 including me.  When weddings like this come our way, we absolutley welcome them!  It’s a nice change of pace.  I’ve known the bride’s mom for a while now, and I was very flattered to hear that the only thing Theresa wanted for her wedding was me to photograph it 🙂  Here are some of the highlights, and forgive me for so many food pics, but I just had to!  We rarely get to eat exactly what the guests eat, let alone at the head table. We

Kittle House Wedding Photography: Michelle + Demetrios

Happy anniversary to this awesome couple!  It was 5 years ago this month when we all graced the property of Crabtree’s Kittle House for their wedding.  I remember this day well, and it was one of the first weddings Natalie removed her photographer hat and wore a wedding planner hat.  She was needed all day to fix a dress, organize something, or photograph where I couldn’t be.  Anyway, we love the grounds there, and look forward to the next Kittle House wedding!

Wadsworth Mansion Wedding Photography in Connecticut

What a day!!!  Seriously, what a wedding this was at Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill!  I met this super cute couple when they came in for their engagement session back in February in the studio.  We talked a lot about the upcoming wedding, and I was so looking forward to it.  Natalie and I drove up the night before, spent a little time at the post rehearsal party where we could not have been more welcome.  Their whole family and treated us like guests. The wedding day itself started with prep right in the hotel.  In fact, we had the longest commute ever from our room to the prep rooms- directly across the hall, and down the hall 🙂  The girls were already tearing up along with the bride, and we knew then, it was going to be an amazing day.  The bride was stunning in her custom gown, with a detachable skirt that basically made it two different dresses, which was very cool.  The weather was perfect, the mansion was beautiful, the staff was more than helpful, and Natalie Newman Locke kept everything running on time.  It was just a photographer’s dream of a day!  We’re so happy for this couple, you can clearly see […]

Waterside New Jersey Wedding: Midian + Lamail

Kicking off the season with a wedding in NJ at The Waterside.  Unfortunately the entire east coast was hit by a major rain storm, but that did not matter to this very cool couple and everyone there as well.  The whole day was full of laughs and a LOT of crying- mostly from Lamail 🙂  We started out at a nearby hotel for prep, and this was our first time at The Waterside.  The staff was very helpful thanks to Shantal running the show, the food was great, and they have the same white tufted benches we have!  The couple even had an artist on site,  painting throughout the ceremony into the reception, which is another first for us.  The rest of the night was nothing but a party!  

Anthony’s Pier 9 Wedding Photography: Naharika and Yash

If you’re thinking about a winter wedding, but all the venues are just not winter friendly, check out Anthony’s Pier 9.  They have a garden room where the weather is always nice, and worked out great last week, when the wind was just too much to do anything outside.  Naharika and Yash were married in India the week before, and decided to have a reception back home where he grew up for his family.  No, we did not shoot the Indian wedding 🙁  That’s definitely on our list though!  Here are the hits from this day, and props to JFP’s newest member Taylor shooting video!  


Natalie and I had yet another great year here at J.Ferrara Photography Inc: the two of us got engaged on an epic scale; we traveled back to Mexico for a small intimate ceremony; we were lucky enough to go to the Dominican Republic for a sunrise shoot and wedding; got to hang out with some awesome Brooklynites upstate for a weekend; got to see my Adirondack gang once again for yet another monumental wedding; and revisited our local favorites venues.  Of course, along the way, we met a lot of great couples that we’ve become good friends with. Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  Thanks to Kathleen, Justin, Courtney, Valentina, and Laura for helping us out here and there, and of course every couple that we photographed.  We love you all!!! When people sarcastically say “living the dream” when they refer to their job, we both really mean it… enjoy!

Callwell House Wedding Photography: Sanjean and Chris

I was lucky enough to be back again to the very intimate Caldwell House for a low key wedding, this past Thursday.  It’s an amazing bed and breakfast that can host small parties and weddings of course.  I did not meet Sanjean or Chris beforehand, but I totally felt like part of their family the second I walked in.  Chris’ dad was the pastor, his uncle shot some video, and the only other guests were the moms.  After a little preparation, the ceremony took place in one of the main rooms, where we also did some portraits.  We all walked around the grounds a bit, then headed to the trestle- which is very popular in this area, and is always a good location.  Thanks for having me there!

Rockleigh Country Club Wedding Photography: Alex and Trip

Winding down the season could not have been better with this awesome fun couple and their wedding at the amazing Rockleigh Country Club.  The day started out at her parent’s house with Christmas everywhere, and the girls doing nothing but hanging out in robes drinking champagne- the way it should be!  After prep, we all headed to their local church where you can feel the excitement in the air.  Post ceremony, we set up camp at The Rockleigh for portraits, and had a lot of  fun with the bridal party and the couple.  It was cold out, so pretty much everything had to take place inside.   The reception was so much fun, that even included a mannequin challenge!  Shout to the highly energetic Joe from Pure Events for keeping the party going all night!

Hollow Brook Wedding Photography: Christina and Mike

Natalie and I were back at incredible Hollow Brook Country Club to photograph Christina and Mike’s wedding.  Although it was a bit chilly, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.  Their ceremony was inside, which was a first for us, and as usual, the venue and food was just fantastic.  A few months ago I shot their engagement session at the studio, and I knew this couple was going to be very fun- and they were nothing less than that on their wedding day! During a dance set of their reception, Anthony from Platinum Entertainment had them get up on chairs and crowd-surf!  This was a definite first for us, and although it seemed like a crazy idea, Christina and Mike dove into the crowd and it was a moment that I’m sure no one will forget.  Congrats to the newlyweds, and thank you for having us capture your big day!!

Arrow Park Wedding Photography: Erica and Rob

Just 2 weeks ago we were at the amazing wedding venue known as Arrow Park Lake and Lodge, and like I said then: it’s perhaps the best kept secret in the area for intimate weddings where you can stay overnight with guests.  We love going there!  When they came in for their engagement shoot, I knew this Arrow Park was going to be perfect for them, despite the rain and clouds.  Erica radiates the room wherever she goes and Rob cracks them all up.  Their that funny quirky couple that everyone loves.  However, don’t give him a bow tie to tie himself….  Thanks to my awesome assistant Justin for helping me out and grabbing some great pics as well!