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Jimi & Natalie

I can't remember a time when I wasn't into photography. I clearly remember holding my parents 110 camera as a kid and loving everything about it, and when I first I looked through the lens on a SLR, I was hooked! I got my first camera in 8th grade, and I have been a photographer ever since, and even made my own cameras. I graduated with a BFA in Cinematography and  minor in Photography. After college, I worked in the film business for 15 years as a union camera assistant on many movies and commercials, as well as with the Saturday Night Live Film Unit.  In 2004, I officially started my photography business, and left the world of film soon after. Coming from a filmmaker's background has given me an undeniable advantage in telling a story through still images, as well as being very efficient with a timeline.

Growing up, Natalie always had a camera with her and loved taking photos, but never thought of it as a career until years later. In 2010, she joined JFP as an assistant. Since then her love for photography has grown as well as her experience. Natalie is now my associate photographer and is available for weddings and portraits on her own at a different price point. 

We are active members of Professional Photographers of America and NY State, and have won numerous awards on a national and state level. I earned my Masters of Photography in 2010, and we are always attending seminars to further our education. We absolutely love what we do and wouldn't change it for anything!