Patriot Hills Wedding Photos: Allie + Chris

Kickin off the season with this super fun couple and their wedding at the Clubhouse at Patriot Hills.  I met them sometime last year, and when they came back in studio for their engagement session, I knew the wedding was going to be one of those days where it’s all laughs and good times- and it was!  We started off with prep at a local hotel, where Alison was glowing long before she had her dress on, and shined even more afterwards.  From there we headed to the venue for a first look where Chris was all decked out in a very cool blue suit with all Gucci accessories. I was quite jealous of his belt…  The rest of the wedding day was seamless and everyone present had a great time, and it showed in every photo.  Thanks Allie and Chris for a memorable day!

Hudson Valley Backyard Wedding: Donna + Stuffy

That is not a type-o, the groom’s name is Stuffy, and he is one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet!  It was 10 years ago when my friend and well known mixologist Gaz Regan was hosting his friend’s wedding at his home and asked me about wedding photography.  I jumped all over it!  I love small backyard weddings, especially when I can walk to all the locations. Never having met the couple, I accidentally bumped into them at a grocery store a few days before the wedding and said “you HAVE to be Stuffy?!”  They both hugged me like I was their long lost brother.  I immediately felt like a part of the family and could not wait for the weekend for their wedding. The wedding day started off at Gaz’s house, with just a little prep, then short ceremony in the backyard, then everyone walked over to a local restaurant called Painter’s.  We all had dinner, some drinks, and walked back to the house where Donna and Stuffy had no problem jumping in the pool- dress and all.  The party went into the night, and was nothing but smiles and laughs, as you can see. Happy 10 year anniversary you […]

The Garrison Wedding Album

Just wanted to share with you this amazing album made by Finao with genuine Hahnemühle paper, plexi glass cover, and patterned leather for the spine and back.  It’s one impressive book.  When you first pick it up, you know this wedding was sometime special.  We’re very glad to see that more and more couples are going back to getting albums.  It really is the final product that shows off your big day.  This wedding was from Kristen and Rich’s wedding last July at The Garrison and what a day that was- so much fun!

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers: BEHIND THE SCENES

Once again, how great is it to be a professional wedding photographer in the Hudson Valley- or anywhere for that matter?  We not only get to see amazing venues, taste great food, work outside, but most importantly- we capture the most important day of the couples’ lives.  So much is planned for any wedding, and we are the ones to document it, and create image that will last for generations.  It’s been another good year at JFP returning to our favorite venues, and seeing some new ones along the way.  We introduced Taylor shooting video with us in 2017, and this has been working out great; we all work together under one umbrella, and the day flows seamlessly. We ended the year with a bang unlike most wedding photographers with our OWN destination wedding in Antigua!  I watched Natalie plan the whole wedding 🙂  And barring a few hiccups here and there, the trip was far better than we could imagine.  You may be asking, “Well, who shot YOUR wedding?”  We had our friend and fellow lifestyle photographer Emily Burke shoot our ceremony and portraits, with a little help from our minion Kathleen.  It was very hard to NOT photograph my […]

Mohonk Proposal Photos: Dan + Ruthie

Future groom:  “Hey Jimi, I’d like to have you photograph the proposal to my girlfriend on the highest point at Mohonk Mountain House in the dead of winter…”  Me: “Um, I’m sorry- what?”  Just kidding…  Of course I said yes, and even though I’m not really a hiker nor am I a big fan of snow related activities, I do like a challenge- and that it was. The plan was to meet them in the ski house to do my normal incognito photographer thing, get snow shoes, then head up the mountain to a spot that is sentimental to the couple.  However, when I found out the hike was almost an hour (far different from the 10 minute hike Dan originally stated), I definitely sported that surprise emoji face.  None of us had that much time, nor prepared for over 2 hours of hiking.  So, we improvised on the fly- and worked out very well!  Perhaps even better than planned.  Because now, whenever Dan and Ruthie go back to Mohonk, it will be an easy walk to where they got engaged. I certainly hope in time I can share with you their engagement photos, and then wedding photos- I’d be […]


Natalie and I had another great year at J.Ferrara Photography Inc: the two of us just got married in Antigua- which was not only amazing, but totally surreal to be on that side of the camera; hosted some parties at the Darkroom- our rentable space in the studio; and met so many great people along the way that we now call our friends.  Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  When can honestly say we are “living the dream”  Thank you for everyone who chose us to capture the biggest day of their lives, and to all who are taking the time to view this!

10 Reasons to Have a Backyard Wedding: Kristen + Sean

Weddings come in all sizes and styles, and we’ve seen them all: from just the bride and groom, to 550 people, to multi day events, to destination weddings, to small elopements.  But I have to say, there’s something dynamic when it’s at someone’s home in a back yard.  Granted, we all can’t have a pro baseball player’s yard to host a wedding, but in this case the bride’s sister is married to Wade Davis, and they were grateful enough to open up their home and have the big day there.  The tent looked AMAZING, thanks to the staff at Flowers by David, and Pamela’s Traveling Feast.  The bride Kristen was glowing the entire wedding, as was the groom Sean.  You can tell they had the best day of their lives.  Even I had an amazing day- as a vendor!  So you know the guests had an even better time. If you’re thinking of doing something different, allow me to list some reasons why a back yard wedding may be the way to go. 1. Conveniency.  Everything will take place there- the prep, the ceremony, and of course reception- and even perhaps a post party or bonfire of some sort.  So, […]

Traditional Jewish Wedding Photos: Ilana + Avi

This amazing wedding at the Nyack Seaport had it all!  The bride was glowing as we walked in the hotel room, and never lost her smile.  Her face had to be hurting by the end of the day.  The groom was same way: fun, outgoing, and boosting with excitement.  I can go on and on how great this couple is…  but let’s get to the hits. For this wedding, we had all the Jewish traditions: a Tisch, the Bedeken, and a Ketubah signing- as well as the smashing of the glass and the Hora dance, but we’ve all seen that.  With all this happening and minimal time to do so, it meant we ALL had to be on point to make the day work, and we are very proud to that myself, Natalie, and Taylor on video nailed it! For those of you who are not sure of what these traditions mean, I’ll give you a quick break:  the Tisch is where all the women are in one room, with the bride sitting and family all around her.  The women come up to her, give advice, and talk amongst each other.  The men are in another room or area, usually […]

The Powelton Club Wedding Photos: Jillian + David

So many people have been waiting for this day- especially us!  Everyone involved for this day could NOT be more happy for this amazing bride and groom and their wedding at The Powelton Club!  We have been  looking forward to this day since we all met in our studio months ago, and it certainly held up to our expectations.  Jill’s mom was the one planning the wedding for the most part, and she did a great job.  From the moment we walked into The Powelton, the vibe was fun, laid back, and just happy faces everywhere you turn.  Right after the first look, we went out on a golf cart to shoot portraits, and we couldn’t ask for better weather.  Rebecca from The Powelton Club kept everything on time, and totally smooth- she’s the best!  I’ve never seen that room so packed, and the dance floor was nonstop all night.  Congratulations to Jillian and David, thanks so much for having us there to capture your amazing day!!

Locust Grove Wedding Photos: Selena + Edison

Selena and Ed had a perfect day for their wedding at Locust Grove.  The majority of their wedding was DIY, so much so that at one point Selena, in her wedding dress, was helping to set up the reception room!  Her laid back attitude set the tone for the whole day, and the two of them were very much “go with the flow.”  We did a first look, and we were so glad we did because that light was perfect, and the grounds were at their peak!  Everyone had a great time celebrating the love between Selena and Ed, and we were so happy to be a part of it!  

Dutchess Manor Wedding Photos: Sylvia + Jake

Not much time to write about this great wedding at The Dutchess Manor- the bride and groom are very anxious!  I’ve known Sylvia and her family for years now, and I was so excited to shoot her wedding- nothing but smiles all day!  Shout out to Main St Cutters in Cornwall, and of course Desiree!

Mohonk Elopement Photos: Christina + Chris

  Well, this was not quite an elopement, and not quite a wedding either: more like a bride and groom portrait session.  It was a perfect fall day at Mohonk for this session, and I’m so glad it was.  Christina and Chris were married the previous week in Long Island, but always wanted to have portraits at Mohonk.  After finding me on our Instagram page, she was hooked!  Congrats to these two and thank you Mohonk, for always looking the best they can.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photos: Jessica + Rob

The entire wedding day with the amazing bride Jessica Lynn and her new husband Rob was all smiles and laughs, and I’m not kidding.  The day started at a friend’s house with the normal craziness of prep, but nothing too bad.  Jessica did a first look with her bridesmaids, which was really great and different to capture.  After the church ceremony, we all took the trek up to the Cornwall reservoir (which I haven’t been to in years) to do bridal party photos and some of the bride and groom.  From there, we went to the Laborers Local 17 Pavilion in Newburgh.  This location was surprisingly great for a wedding!  Very open, private, more space than you need, and something different from the norm.  The rest of the night was such a party, it’s a shame we weren’t guests!  Shout out to Jay from Spinners Entertainment for keeping everyone on their feet all night and adding to this already great party.

Orange County Choppers Wedding Photos: Nicole + Andrew

Who knew you can have a wedding at Orange County Choppers?!  Well, this bride and groom did, and I’m so glad they decided to so.  The day started locally for us here in Cornwall at Bella Donna salon, which looks amazing inside, which is just down the road from our studio.  Then for even more Cornwall hits, they had the ceremony down by the river (go ahead, do the voice) at the Landing.  The whole day was anything but traditional, and when that happens, it’s very refreshing.  We shot some portraits at the Landing, then headed up to OCC.  Besides the Cafe, they have a loft area upstairs that they use for private events.  This was the first wedding we’ve shot there, and certainly hope to come back for more.  Nicole had a couple dress changes for the night, and debuted her first one with their very epic first dance, which no one saw coming- it was a flawless performance! Now for the main event:  the couple comes out out with a bat and a stick in sync with “Wrecking Ball” playing.  Nicole timed it perfectly with the first chorus and smashed the cake that was disguised as a piñata! […]

Hudson Valley Proposal Photos at Bear Mountain

I can’t wait any longer to post these photos from the flawless proposal from Mike to his long time girlfriend Shelly!  We met at Perkins Memorial Tower at the top of Bear Mountain, NY which is really nice up there.  They waked around, I found them and did my normal routine which works 100% of the time.  Congrats to these two, and I certainly hope I’ll get to photograph them again!

West Point Wedding Photos: Antonia + James

The weather called for nothing but rain ALL day for the bride and groom for their West Point wedding- but JUST after the ceremony, the sky magically cleared up and we couldn’t ask for better weather.  Totally meant to be!  We had a great time at this wedding, these people know how to party.  The ceremony and reception was at the West Point Club and what a room it is: super high ceiling, rounded wall of windows overlooking the river, and plenty of dancing area.  We sat at a table with a few other couples, and totally felt like a guest which only made them open up to us more in the photos.  Big shout out to DJ Mnyce who rocked the night!  We’re so glad for this couple it all worked out as planned.

Arrow Park Wedding Photography in the Hudson Valley

Natalie and I were back again at the hidden gem that is Arrow Park Lake and Lodge for another amazing wedding!  I like to say that we booked this wedding partially because of my awesome guacamole making skills- I promised the couple that if they go with us for their wedding, I’ll make a batch of guac just for them… and I did, and they still talk about it! Anyway, we had so much fun with this bride and groom- they’re funny, laid back, and he should start a career as a stand up comic.  The day started with prep coverage, then onto a first look and portraits and fun with a golf cart- letting Jimi drive is always an adventure.  Ceremony was in the garden which is the perfect location, and the weather could not have been better.  Afterwards, we witnessed some German traditions: sawing of a log, cutting a heart out of a tapestry, and carrying the bride over a stick.  This was all new to us, and quite interesting.  Props again to Love + Rosemary who did all the catering, and we can’t wait to return to Arrow Park!

NYC Elopement Photos: Manhattan + DUMBO Park

The groom and I were back and forth for months with this small NYC wedding regarding dates and locations.  I did not think it was going to happen- but it did, and we ended up having a great day!  Konstantinos and his bride Frida are so sweet and I’m very happy for them.  The day started with a small ceremony at the Hotel Giraffe on the rooftop and then off in a limo to the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Park.  Occasionally brides show us photos they like from Pinterest or random websites, and to be honest- we’re not big fans of that, only because it locks in someone else’s style in our brain.  However, when the bride shows me photos that are ALL shot by me or Natalie, then fine!  So part of the day was recreating our own images, but mostly creating new ones.  Here are the hits.

Mohonk Wedding Photos: Cindy + Ralph

For anyone that knows this bride Cindy, they will contest that she LOVE photos!  I think it was the first thing she said to me at the meeting, and the last thing, and everything in between.  We’re so happy her wedding day at Mohonk was flawless.  Her preparation was in the very cool Rock Reading room there, with plenty of space, great window light, and a balcony view of the lake.  For their first look, they decided to declare their vows to each other which was really nice.  Ceremony was in the garden, which is what everyone hopes for, and the bride rode in on a horse and carriage!  After some group photo cocktail hour, we all headed up to the Pavilion where we never saw it look so good: string lights, candles, and custom decor by Cindy.  Thanks of course to Aimee, Frank and the rest of Mohonk’s staff for making the day run smooth.  Congrats to the very sweet couple!

Crystal Springs Wedding Photos: Kathryn + Pat

5 years ago Natalie and I had the honor of photographing Kathryn and Pat’s wedding at Crystal Springs– and what a place!  It was such a good day, with plenty of champagne flowing for prep, a bridal party that had fun every step of the way, and a reception I bet everyone still remembers well.  Happy anniversary you two!