Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers: BEHIND THE SCENES

Once again, how great is it to be a professional wedding photographer in the Hudson Valley- or anywhere for that matter?  We not only get to see amazing venues, taste great food, work outside, but most importantly- we capture the most important day of the couples’ lives.  So much is planned for any wedding, and we are the ones to document it, and create image that will last for generations.  It’s been another good year at JFP returning to our favorite venues, and seeing some new ones along the way.  We introduced Taylor shooting video with us in 2017, and this has been working out great; we all work together under one umbrella, and the day flows seamlessly. We ended the year with a bang unlike most wedding photographers with our OWN destination wedding in Antigua!  I watched Natalie plan the whole wedding 🙂  And barring a few hiccups here and there, the trip was far better than we could imagine.  You may be asking, “Well, who shot YOUR wedding?”  We had our friend and fellow lifestyle photographer Emily Burke shoot our ceremony and portraits, with a little help from our minion Kathleen.  It was very hard to NOT photograph my […]


Natalie and I had another great year at J.Ferrara Photography Inc: the two of us just got married in Antigua- which was not only amazing, but totally surreal to be on that side of the camera; hosted some parties at the Darkroom- our rentable space in the studio; and met so many great people along the way that we now call our friends.  Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  When can honestly say we are “living the dream”  Thank you for everyone who chose us to capture the biggest day of their lives, and to all who are taking the time to view this!

Traditional Jewish Wedding Photos: Ilana + Avi

This amazing wedding at the Nyack Seaport had it all!  The bride was glowing as we walked in the hotel room, and never lost her smile.  Her face had to be hurting by the end of the day.  The groom was same way: fun, outgoing, and boosting with excitement.  I can go on and on how great this couple is…  but let’s get to the hits. For this wedding, we had all the Jewish traditions: a Tisch, the Bedeken, and a Ketubah signing- as well as the smashing of the glass and the Hora dance, but we’ve all seen that.  With all this happening and minimal time to do so, it meant we ALL had to be on point to make the day work, and we are very proud to that myself, Natalie, and Taylor on video nailed it! For those of you who are not sure of what these traditions mean, I’ll give you a quick break:  the Tisch is where all the women are in one room, with the bride sitting and family all around her.  The women come up to her, give advice, and talk amongst each other.  The men are in another room or area, usually […]

West Point Wedding Photos: Antonia + James

The weather called for nothing but rain ALL day for the bride and groom for their West Point wedding- but JUST after the ceremony, the sky magically cleared up and we couldn’t ask for better weather.  Totally meant to be!  We had a great time at this wedding, these people know how to party.  The ceremony and reception was at the West Point Club and what a room it is: super high ceiling, rounded wall of windows overlooking the river, and plenty of dancing area.  We sat at a table with a few other couples, and totally felt like a guest which only made them open up to us more in the photos.  Big shout out to DJ Mnyce who rocked the night!  We’re so glad for this couple it all worked out as planned.

Arrow Park Wedding Photography in the Hudson Valley

Natalie and I were back again at the hidden gem that is Arrow Park Lake and Lodge for another amazing wedding!  I like to say that we booked this wedding partially because of my awesome guacamole making skills- I promised the couple that if they go with us for their wedding, I’ll make a batch of guac just for them… and I did, and they still talk about it! Anyway, we had so much fun with this bride and groom- they’re funny, laid back, and he should start a career as a stand up comic.  The day started with prep coverage, then onto a first look and portraits and fun with a golf cart- letting Jimi drive is always an adventure.  Ceremony was in the garden which is the perfect location, and the weather could not have been better.  Afterwards, we witnessed some German traditions: sawing of a log, cutting a heart out of a tapestry, and carrying the bride over a stick.  This was all new to us, and quite interesting.  Props again to Love + Rosemary who did all the catering, and we can’t wait to return to Arrow Park!

NYC Elopement Photos: Manhattan + DUMBO Park

The groom and I were back and forth for months with this small NYC wedding regarding dates and locations.  I did not think it was going to happen- but it did, and we ended up having a great day!  Konstantinos and his bride Frida are so sweet and I’m very happy for them.  The day started with a small ceremony at the Hotel Giraffe on the rooftop and then off in a limo to the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Park.  Occasionally brides show us photos they like from Pinterest or random websites, and to be honest- we’re not big fans of that, only because it locks in someone else’s style in our brain.  However, when the bride shows me photos that are ALL shot by me or Natalie, then fine!  So part of the day was recreating our own images, but mostly creating new ones.  Here are the hits.

Arrow Park Wedding Photos: Megan + Mark

We say this all the time: a wedding at Arrow Park Lake and Lodge is unlike any other wedding: if you’re a future bride or groom and are looking for something different, check them out.  You’ll love it!  Megan and Mark’s day was just as everyone expected: fun, laid back, and super friendly. Natalie and I were talking to some of the guests as if we were guests.  WE had a great day capturing their wedding, so you know that everyone had even a better time.  I think that’s just the vibe Arrow Park gives….  Props to Love + Rosemary who did all the catering, and wow what a great job they did.  What a great day!

The Garrison Wedding Photos: Kristen + Rich

Natalie and I were back again at The Garrison for Kristen and Rich’s wedding, and what an amazing day!  Make up was on point by JK Flashy, and the bride’s Maggie Sottero dress was perfect for her- Natalie was very jealous…  She did a first look with her dad, which was really sweet.  Ceremony was outside at The Garrison, and it was wonderfully performed by Rich’s grandmother.  There were funny toasts, great dancing, a killer sunset, and lots of fun at the reception with entertainment by the never failing Dave Nazario from A Perfect Blend.  Dave, you rock.  We felt more like guests then vendors, and when that happens, that barrier between photographer and subject disappears.  I love it when that happens, and when it does, you get this:

Grandview Wedding Photography: Alicia + George

We say this all the time- The Grandview is like home to us, even though there are far more venues closer to our home and studio, but it’s just one of those great locations for any wedding that consistently provides premium service to everyone involved in the wedding- especially the bride and groom.  The day started at their parents’ friend’s house, which was amazing.  We ended up doing the first look there because of the backyard being so nice.  Alicia’s makeup was done by Nina from Hello Gorgeous, and her purple eyeshadow really popped!  From there we shot over to the Poughkeepsie Train Station for some more portraits and some group shots.  Then to The Grandview for an outdoor patio ceremony, and the weather was perfect.  Alicia and George were so sweet at the alter, and by being themselves, it set the mood for the rest of the night.  Natalie helped dress Alicia, which is not a first, but George fed Jimi cake, which absolutely WAS a first!!  Props to the guys at Vargas Productions for keeping the party going, and congrats to this great couple!  

Destination Wedding Photography in Aruba: Liz + Shane

It was 5 years ago when Natalie and I went to Aruba at the Stellaris Resort for Liz and Shane’s destination wedding.  We were so excited to go, and the whole trip was amazing!  The night before started out at the infamous Papiamento restaurant where the family opened gifts, gave some toasts, and indulged in really good food.  The wedding day started off very relaxed with everyone in a great mood, followed by ceremony on the beach, and perfect weather for the reception.  You couldn’t ask for better weather.  After the party, we convinced the remaining guests and bridal party to do a  jump in the pool- fully clothed.  One of the best things about this trip was that we met Liz’s sister Melissa.  Her and her fiancé Elias took us to the Dominican Republic last year for their destination wedding, where we also photographed a sunrise shoot for the first time.  Happy 5 year anniversary! est

Newburgh Waterfront Wedding at Blu Pointe: Lorraine + Tyler

Weddings come in all sizes, and this is a perfect example of a small wedding with big results.  I’ve know Lorraine for a few years now, and when she called me about her wedding she didn’t think I would be interested, but of course I was- I love all weddings, all sizes!  The preparation started perhaps 1/8 mile from my home, and the church was not only closer but the one I grew up in, and where I walked to grammar school.  Lots of great memories there… Anyway, we all headed over the awesome Blu Pointe restaurant by the Newburgh Waterfront, which is so cool: lots of restaurants, great views, boat rides- you can be there all day.  It was a great day, and I certainly hope to return to Blu Pointe for another wedding.

Kittle House Wedding Photography: Michelle + Demetrios

Happy anniversary to this awesome couple!  It was 5 years ago this month when we all graced the property of Crabtree’s Kittle House for their wedding.  I remember this day well, and it was one of the first weddings Natalie removed her photographer hat and wore a wedding planner hat.  She was needed all day to fix a dress, organize something, or photograph where I couldn’t be.  Anyway, we love the grounds there, and look forward to the next Kittle House wedding!

Wadsworth Mansion Wedding Photography in Connecticut

What a day!!!  Seriously, what a wedding this was at Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill!  I met this super cute couple when they came in for their engagement session back in February in the studio.  We talked a lot about the upcoming wedding, and I was so looking forward to it.  Natalie and I drove up the night before, spent a little time at the post rehearsal party where we could not have been more welcome.  Their whole family and treated us like guests. The wedding day itself started with prep right in the hotel.  In fact, we had the longest commute ever from our room to the prep rooms- directly across the hall, and down the hall 🙂  The girls were already tearing up along with the bride, and we knew then, it was going to be an amazing day.  The bride was stunning in her custom gown, with a detachable skirt that basically made it two different dresses, which was very cool.  The weather was perfect, the mansion was beautiful, the staff was more than helpful, and Natalie Newman Locke kept everything running on time.  It was just a photographer’s dream of a day!  We’re so happy for this couple, you can clearly see […]


Natalie and I had yet another great year here at J.Ferrara Photography Inc: the two of us got engaged on an epic scale; we traveled back to Mexico for a small intimate ceremony; we were lucky enough to go to the Dominican Republic for a sunrise shoot and wedding; got to hang out with some awesome Brooklynites upstate for a weekend; got to see my Adirondack gang once again for yet another monumental wedding; and revisited our local favorites venues.  Of course, along the way, we met a lot of great couples that we’ve become good friends with. Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  Thanks to Kathleen, Justin, Courtney, Valentina, and Laura for helping us out here and there, and of course every couple that we photographed.  We love you all!!! When people sarcastically say “living the dream” when they refer to their job, we both really mean it… enjoy!

Arrow Park Wedding Photography: Erica and Rob

Just 2 weeks ago we were at the amazing wedding venue known as Arrow Park Lake and Lodge, and like I said then: it’s perhaps the best kept secret in the area for intimate weddings where you can stay overnight with guests.  We love going there!  When they came in for their engagement shoot, I knew this Arrow Park was going to be perfect for them, despite the rain and clouds.  Erica radiates the room wherever she goes and Rob cracks them all up.  Their that funny quirky couple that everyone loves.  However, don’t give him a bow tie to tie himself….  Thanks to my awesome assistant Justin for helping me out and grabbing some great pics as well!

The Grandview Wedding Photography: Sarah and Jesse

There was a LOT of people anxiously awaiting Sarah and Jesse’s wedding at Hudson Valley’s infamous The Grandview who hail from the infamous Max’s on Main in Beacon where Jesse manages, and Natalie (my fiancé now!) tends bar a couple days a week.  We all had such a great day- and the weather could not have been better.  We had so many hits to stop at: bride’s parents house and the Poughkeepsie Grand hotel for prep, then the Grandview for first look, then Vanderbilt Mansion, then the Poughkeepsie Train Station for portraits, then back to the Grandview for ceremony and reception.  Everyone was on time, attentive, and we all made it happen- well mostly Natalie, who was the main photographer for this wedding, so I can’t take credit for all of these photos. Here is her blog, and below are my favorites from this epic wedding!  We worked with Preston Films for the first time, and they were a pleasure to work with!  Looking forward to seeing a trailer from them…

West Hills Country Club Wedding Photography: Analise and Phil

Welcome to Analise and Phil’s AWESOME wedding at West Hills Country Club!  These two are so perfect together, and they could not have had a better day.  Preparation began at a local hotel for the men, and the girls at the very sweet suite at West Hills.  Ceremony was right outside- please take advantage of that people, no need to go anywhere else.  From there, the rest of the day was nothing but laughs, cries, smiles, and an amazing party to finish the night.  Congrats to this happy couple!

The Garrison Wedding Photography: Tamara and Dave

If anyone has not been to a wedding at The Garrison you are missing out!  I’m so glad Tamara and Dave had their wedding there, because it feels like you’re in your own secluded venue, with no one around for miles.  The have everything: preparation room, excellent decor, amazing food, great and friendly staff, outdoor areas, grounds to photograph in, and views unlike anywhere. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunset, it’s fantastic there.  Congrats to the very sweet couple, it was a great day!

FEAST at Round Hill House Wedding Photography: Ming Mai and Shaan

I’m quite happy to add yet another wedding at FEAST Caterers at Round Hill House.  This day was part two of the hottest days of the year- 108 heat index, but that did no seem to matter to anyone!  All the girls looked great thanks to make up by Celeste.  Ceremony was outside in the beautiful garden area, cocktail hour inside and out, and all guests were prompted to not feed Google.  Not the website with photos, which I thought they were talking about, but their little dog!  Ming Mai changed dresses for a traditional tea ceremony, and the rest of the night was fantastic thanks to Bud Maltin Metropolitan Music!  Shout out to my little chihuahua of an assistant Valentina who is doing better and better.

The Park Savoy Wedding Photography: Nicole and Jason

Nicole and Jason chose The Park Savoy as their wedding venue, and what a beautiful place it is!!  Everything took place at the venue, and the bridal suite upstairs is just amazing.  Nicole’s gorgeous Pronovias wedding gown fit her like a glove, and she was a stunning bride.  The garden out back is beautiful, and while we were all quite hot from the 108 degree heat index, you would never know from their portraits.  Just when the ceremony started, thunderstorm clouds rolled in all around us,  and the wind knocked over the ceremony arch.  However, the rain clouds went totally around the venue in all directions!  The reception room is already magnificent, but it was designed even more so by the extremely talented (and overall awesome person!) Jenny Orsini.  The band rocked the night away, and it was a fantastic day. On a personal note, this wedding completes the Silver family for me.  I photographed Jason’s two other sisters’ weddings: Shana and Mike’s wedding at Glen Island Harbour Club in 2010; then Dylana and Matt’s wedding at Tappan Hill in 2014.  So, unless there’s some other children hiding in the attic, the Silver family is complete… The last photo in this blog is me with all the couples.  Thank you so much to […]