NYC Elopement Photos: Manhattan + DUMBO Park

The groom and I were back and forth for months with this small NYC wedding regarding dates and locations.  I did not think it was going to happen- but it did, and we ended up having a great day!  Konstantinos and his bride Frida are so sweet and I’m very happy for them.  The day started with a small ceremony at the Hotel Giraffe on the rooftop and then off in a limo to the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO Park.  Occasionally brides show us photos they like from Pinterest or random websites, and to be honest- we’re not big fans of that, only because it locks in someone else’s style in our brain.  However, when the bride shows me photos that are ALL shot by me or Natalie, then fine!  So part of the day was recreating our own images, but mostly creating new ones.  Here are the hits.


Natalie and I had yet another great year here at J.Ferrara Photography Inc: the two of us got engaged on an epic scale; we traveled back to Mexico for a small intimate ceremony; we were lucky enough to go to the Dominican Republic for a sunrise shoot and wedding; got to hang out with some awesome Brooklynites upstate for a weekend; got to see my Adirondack gang once again for yet another monumental wedding; and revisited our local favorites venues.  Of course, along the way, we met a lot of great couples that we’ve become good friends with. Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  Thanks to Kathleen, Justin, Courtney, Valentina, and Laura for helping us out here and there, and of course every couple that we photographed.  We love you all!!! When people sarcastically say “living the dream” when they refer to their job, we both really mean it… enjoy!

New York City Leather Portfolio Wedding Album

When this album was introduced, I said to Natalie “we have to have one!”  So, we made a book from the awesome wedding that was Jen and Mars at The Ritz Carlton at Battery Park.  It’s a soft leather with very thick pages that are sewn into the binding.  It’s very classic, with a rustic feel.   It’s a perfect way to show off your favorite images from any session we do!

Villa Barone Hilltop Manor Wedding Photography: Colleen and Steve

IF anything went wrong on this awesome fall wedding, it would not have bothered neither Colleen nor Steve for the wedding at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor.  But luckily, nothing did go wrong.  Super fun couple, super fun bridal party- Colleen was out to have the best day of her life, and I believe she did!  


Natalie and I had yet another great year for weddings!  We traveled as far as Mexico, and as close as right down the road… it was a good year.  We met a lot of great couples that we now call friends, visited some new locations, and ventured back to our favorite venues… Narrowing this blog down was not easy!  Thanks to Kathleen, Justin, and Courtney for helping us out here, and of course every couple that we photographed.  When people sarcastically say “living the dream” when they refer to their job, we both really mean it… enjoy!

The Ritz Carlton NYC at Battery Park: Jen and Mars

We have been talking about this New York City wedding since they booked us, and we could not wait shoot this day, and what a day it was!!!  We started at the Ritz Carlton NY Battery Park for Jen and Mars’ prep and first look, and from there just hopped in a cab to hit the streets for portraits.  There was this little walkway bridge they loved and when we got there, all sorts of construction was going on.  But if anyone knows true New Yorkers, they will bend over backwards to help out when need be, and they did- so thanks guys!  They both rocked that location liked the owned it. After that, we went to the rooftop of their apartment which has a great view of the the Freedom Tower.   Then on to the seriously cool venue at the Ritz Carlton for the ceremony and reception.  Maxine Daniels ran the day perfectly on time, and we’re taking her for every wedding now 🙂  Here’s how cool this wedding was: when the couple walked down the aisle, everyone cheered!  That was the vibe of the day, and continued throughout the night.  Thank you so much Jen and Mars for allowing us to […]

Jericho Terrace Wedding Photography: Jaclyn and Chris

It’s here!  This wedding album by Finao (of course) is REALLY nice: hi gloss canvas cover, with one of our favorite leathers around the spine and back.  Jaclyn and Chris’s wedding at Jericho Terrace we simply a great day!  We’re so glad to have been there and capture it.

RING in the New Year!

Sorry for the pun, but couldn’t resist!  We first wanted to recap the year with some of our best ring shots… Thanks to Natalie who took pretty much all of these photos.  Stay tuned for a Best of Weddings and Best of Portraits.  Happy New Year!!!

The Garrison Wedding Photography: Nora and Ralph

How nice is The Garrison for a wedding?!? They have beautiful views, grounds, and the food is fantastic. Nora and Ralph had the entire day there, from prep upstairs to ceremony on the patio.  The party rocked all night with entertainment from A Perfect Blend.  Congrats to you Nora and Ralph, and thanks for having us there to photograph your big day!!  

NYC Engagement Session: Jessie and Chris

A Manhattan photo shoot is NEVER boring- so many great elements for a photographer.  Jessie and Chris did a studio session with me, and later decided to take advantage of our NYC Engagement Shoot special.  We started out meeting at Rubirosa for some pizza (said to be the best in NYC, but… eh… I’ve had better, and certainly made better pizza), then walked around a bit, then off to Brooklyn!  Their wedding at Mohonk is coming up soon!

Jericho Terrace Wedding Photography: Jaclyn and Chris

A wedding in Long Island is like a destination for us- and that’s fine.  Shooting Jaclyn and Chris’ wedding IS a party!  Jericho Terrace is such a nice place too, first time there and would love to go back… the team is very helpful, and very attentive.  Jen and Rich helped make the reception even more fun!  Here’s some of our favorite pics: 

Bronx Zoo Wedding Photography: Candice and Jon

A wedding at the Bronx Zoo has to be one of the coolest locations in the tri state area.  What a day!  Rehearsal dinner at Inside Park the night before was fantastic, and the wedding day could not have been better: on time thanks to Kim and the team at The Wedding Sitter; beautiful flower arrangements by the awesome David Anthony; amazing live entertainment by Project Orange; and all captured with our good friends and the awesome videography duo that is I Do Movies.  Thank you Candice and Jon for a great day- we all had just as much fun as the guests!

Battery Gardens Wedding Photography: Jenn and Rich

A lot of people don’t know about the very cool location of Battery Gardens… It overlooks the water, the Statue of Liberty, and best of all, it’s literally inside Battery Park, downtown Manhattan.  Jenn and Rich’s wedding was a perfect day.  Danielle and Kim of Kool Events did a great job, and if anyone from the wedding has video of their awesome first dance, please post it!!!

Sheraton LaGuardia Wedding Photography: Sheila and Vince

What a great way to start off the new year!  A wedding at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel.  Neither one of us had been there, and this place rocks!  We all had a great dinner welcome dinner the night before to meet everyone, and the wedding day itself was laid back, fun, and was just perfect!  Have to give props to Vargas Productions for the entertainment- they are awesome!

Central Park Wedding Photography: Sara and Brian

It’s so nice to see something refreshing: a wedding in Central Park with literally no guests on Veteran’s Day.  Natalie and I had plenty of time beforehand with them, and the weather was perfect!  Reverend Annie did a great job, and overall, a wonderful day to remember.