10 Reasons to Have a Backyard Wedding: Weddings come in all sizes and styles, and we’ve seen them all: from just the bride and groom, to 550 people, to multi day events, to destination weddings, to small elopements.  But I have to say, there’s something dynamic when it’s at someone’s home in a back yard.  Granted, we all can’t have a pro baseball player’s yard to host a wedding, but in this case the bride’s sister is married to Wade Davis, and they were grateful enough to open up their home and have the big day there.  The tent looked AMAZING, thanks to the staff at Flowers by David, and Pamela’s Traveling Feast.  The bride Kristen was glowing the entire wedding, as was the groom Sean.  You can tell they had the best day of their lives.  Even I had an amazing day- as a vendor!  So you know the guests had an even better time.

Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas

If you’re thinking of doing something different, allow me to list some reasons why a back yard wedding may be the way to go.

1. Conveniency.  Everything will take place there- the prep, the ceremony, and of course reception- and even perhaps a post party or bonfire of some sort.  So, not only the bridal party and family can arrive and not worry about anywhere else to go, but your guests will love showing up to one place, and that’s it.

Backyard wedding photos ideasBackyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas

2. Wedding Date.  Think about it- you can choose any date you like!  Provided it’s ok with the home owner.  Most venues are booked a year plus in advance, which limits your selection.  If you have your eye on a certain date, you may have to wait another year, or settle on another day.

Hudson Valley Wedding PhotographersHudson Valley Wedding Photographer

3. Unique.  Most likely, no other wedding has ever taken place on those grounds.  And if so, it’s probably close family or friends who would love to help you out- think about it- free help!

Backyard wedding photos ideas

4. Freedom.  You can do whatever you like with decor, themes, maybe a dove release, sparklers, candles, etc. Outside of what the town will allow, you’re free to do what you always dreamed of.  You are not limited to the venue’s rules and whatever policy they dictate.

Backyard wedding photos ideas

5. Dinner.  The menu can be whatever you like as well.  You can the whole night be passed hor d’oeuvres, multi course plates, buffet, barbecue, or even a pig roast.  It’s totally up to you and the caterer.

Backyard wedding photos ideas

6. Time.  There’s no need to worry about when preparation can start, what rooms will or will not be available, what time the ceremony will end and the cocktail hour starts, or what time everyone has to leave.  You can do a first look if you want, or have an early ceremony to allot time for portraits afterwards.  Overall, the day is never rushed because you are making the day work for your needs, not the venue telling you what to do.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers

7. Intimacy.  As I mentioned earlier, there’s something special about a wedding in a back yard.  I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but being around family and friends in a close environment makes you feel even more at home- especially in a home.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

8. Games.  Feel free to add some fun!  Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, or any other activity you can have to entertain anyone of any age.  I’ve even seen prizes at the end of the night for whoever won the most chips in a casino tent!

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

9. DIY or Not!  You have the freedom to do it all yourself and have friends and family help out, or hire someone to do everything for you.  And of course, anything in between.

Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas

10. Cost.  Obviously this wedding did not do a lot themselves.  The staff behind Pamela was on point all night, and decor by David’s team was the best I’ve every seen for a backyard wedding.  Probably this wedding is not one to look at for do it yourself to save money.  But, you totally can, and save quite a lot.

Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas Backyard wedding photos ideas

Thank you for checking out this blog, and feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts.